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How much will my wedding flowers cost?

wedding flower cost

Wedding Flower Design cost sample ~ You have no idea what things should cost?

We understand! There are so many options and the sky is the limit but we understand your budget may not be!- So we are offering you a tool to help make budgeting the cost of your wedding flowers smart and painless!

Check out this sample planning worksheet to get an idea of what a general cost and breakdown might be for a nice ( not over the top) but really nice wedding will be here in the Hudson Valley.

1 Bride's Bouquet- $200

4 Bridesmaid's Bouquets - $400 ($100 each)

1 Toss bouquet- $50 but complimentary to all our brides- NO Charge

1 Flower Girl rose petals- $10

2 Mother's Corsages- $50.00, choose from: pin-on, wristlet, hand tied tussie

1 Groom Boutonniere- $12

4 Groomsmen Boutonnieres- $40 ($10 each)

2 Father's & 1 Officiant Boutonniere- $30.00 Ceremony Flowers: $300 1 or 2 Large Altar Arrangement- $300 -Flower Set ups and design begin at $300 and range in price depending upon size, time and flowers used. Reception Flowers: $1,225 - 10 Low Centerpieces- $1,200 ( low, garden designed centerpieces full of local and or seasonal flowers and fit perfectly on 6' round tand 8' long tables Hi Rise and Trumpet style designs will cost more. from $150.00 Cake flowers- $25

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