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Emerging Decor Trends

We completed an educational webinar focusing on emerging wedding trends and are so happy to report these interesting decor ideas you may want to incorporate into your event! 1.) Favors as Decor- we have always loved the idea of flowers as favors. Ask your florist if they can provide you with small clay pots with succulents or fresh/artificial flowers. These are great for decorating and then the guests get to keep them!

2.) Velvet and textured fabrics!- who doesn't adore velvet. It is SO elegant for a wedding or special occasion. We can provide fabric backdrops with flowers, or table runners, chair runners or anything else you can imagine. Velvet looks GORGEOUS with flowers. We are also seeing interesting backdrops of pappas grass, rattan and other texture.

3.) Moody and Dark Hues. Create an ambience of richness with deep colors of contrasting hues. This trend can be used all through the year.

4.) Vibrant Colors- vivid shades or orange, bright pink , shocking purple and blue have arrived on the decor scene. There are so many ways to create elegant and creative designs when anything goes with COLOR!

5.) Mix & Match- a little of this and a little of that. This is such an interesting way to combine textures, shapes, colors, and styles. No longer do we have to see the same flowers or containers on every table or bouquet. What a creative way to express yourself with decor!

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